Making a Business Case for CIPD Qualifications

Sep 4, 2023

CIPD Associate and Advanced Diploma students in both L&D and HR will be familiar with the Centre for Evidence Based Practice – and the concept of EBP.

At our centre, we introduce this for Foundation Certificate students too, on the basis that you might as well develop this muscle sooner rather than later.

The centre for evidence-based practice presents an approach to critical thinking based on working with data and qualitative information, which it argues will lead to improved decision-making.

Presenting a range of diagnostic and analytic tools to assess financial and non-financial performance that may be applied to workplace data, in this way, people professionals can assess the value of their activities, to understand return on investment better. When you become a CIPD student, you will come to be familiar with all of the skills and knowledge you need to become an adept practitioner of EBP.

Frequently, the very first thing you will be required to do before starting your programme of study, will be to present a business case to support your application for funding. Employer sponsors will ask what’s the best price you can achieve for your CIPD qualification, the best value for money, the best completion rates and learning support.

In the rush to evaluate our existence in terms of a return on investment, let’s take a moment to stop and catch our collective breath. Lest we forget, the true value of learning, a happy person is an educated one. We afford each other the highest levels of respect, when we care to become more knowledgeable, more capable of listening, and ultimately of living empathetic lives that empower the many, not the few.

Thank you for reading and welcome to Fathom – the Busec Nova blog. Feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to freely share our Busec Nova Toolkit and template, to help you deliver a powerful and persuasive business case to support your application for funding your CIPD Qualifications.