Professional Qualifications – Money Well Spent?

Sep 4, 2023

Evaluating return on investment has become a pre-requisite for businesses that are committed to investing in learning and development interventions. We count the dollars in so many ways – how much can I get my CIPD qualification for; what’s the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to become qualified, how much has my organisation benefitted from the money we spent, was it worth it?

The importance of calculating value for money in learning and development is well understood, however in the age of the chatGBT produced assignment, should we not be prioritising the intrinsic value of continuing professional development?

To be the person who continually learns, who is capable of reflection, who can change the way they do things, no matter how entrenched the knowledge base has been until now, is by far the more attractive proposition, and organisations packed with people like this rise to the top. Customers, colleagues, friends and family alike will always flock towards the person who speaks with integrity, and who keeps on searching for better solutions.

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Design Feature: CIPD knowledge tab: developing proficient in evaluating the benefits of continuing professional development is covered in units: 3CO04, 3CO03, 5CO03, 5CO02, 7CO03 and 7CO02