Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CIPD?

The CIPD is the Chartered Institute of Personal Development and they have been working for more than 100 years to set professional standards for people working in HR and people development. With more than 160,000 members worldwide, they are a trusted career partner for those in the industry. You can find out more about what they do on their about us page.

How does remote learning work?

If you enrol on the Professional or Immersive learning plan, your induction, workshops and/or 1 to 1 sessions will take place via video conferencing. You will also have access to our online learning platform with resources, reading suggestions, and assignment details (this will be where you submit your work and access feedback from your tutor).

If you enrol on the Essential plan, all of the resources you need to complete your assignments independently will be available via our online learning platform. If you ever need the guidance of a tutor, the Student Support Centre is always on hand to book you a ‘top-up’ session with one of our tutors!

How do I enrol with Busec Nova?

Head over to our contact page and fill out the form at the bottom and one of our enrolment team will be in touch to discuss which course is right for you. Once they are sure you are on the right path, they will send over an application form and begin your enrolment.

Alternatively, give us a call on +44(0)1730 710055, send an email to or say 'Apply now!' to the chat bot.

Which learning plan is right for me?

Your choice of learning plan will depend on your learning style, the flexibility you need, and your existing knowledge and experience in the subject.

The Essential plan offers flexibility for learners who prefer to study independently. Once you have chosen your start date, you will get access to your online unit workbooks to access whenever you wish and to manage your study to suit you. The Essential plan is perfect for students who have some knowledge and experience of the subject already and are happy to just get started!

The Professional plan is the most similar to traditional college learning. You will be partnered with a small cohort of students studying the same qualification, and will attend live workshops with a tutor.

The Immersive plan allows to design your own timetable, scheduling 1 to 1 workshops with a tutor at times that fit around your lifestyle.

Essential Professional Immersive
Access to our online learning platform.
Personal Tutor -
1:1 Support

(top-ups subject to fees)

Cohort Learning - -
Complimentary Textbook -
Induction Webinar




Student Support for Technical or Pastoral Issues
When can I start my CIPD qualification?

Both the Professional and Immersive plans start with an induction webinar. The Professional plan induction webinar takes place in the second week of every month (subject to there being a cohort). Please get in touch with us to find out when your next induction is!

The Essential plan is available to start as soon as payment is received. 

Why should I get a CIPD Qualification?

The CIPD is the global standard of excellence for people professionals and is recognised by employers worldwide. Their qualifications, partnered with our expert tutors, will give you the knowledge and skills to excel at what you do as well as connecting you to a large network of like-minded people.

Which CIPD level is right for me?
Level 3

The Foundation Certificate in People Practice is suitable for those who are just starting or looking to begin their career in HR or Learning & Development and may not have much (or any) experience working in the industry.

Level 5

Both the Associate Diplomas in People Management and Organisational Learning & Development are comparable to an undergraduate level of study, and are ideal if you have experience working in an HR or L&D role already and are looking to move into management or explore the subject further.

Level 7

Both the Advanced Diplomas in Strategic Learning & Development and People Management are comparable to post-graduate study, and are the best option for someone who has a lot of HR or L&D experience and is working at or aspiring to take on a more strategic role.

You can find a short, 5 minutes test on the CIPD website to help you decide here.

How long does it take to complete a CIPD qualification?

All of our Learning Agreements have a standard duration depending on level, however if you opt for our essential or immersive learning plans, you can complete the qualification in as short a time as you are able.

Level 3

The Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice certificate takes 8 months to complete.

Level 5

The Level 5 Associate Diplomas in Organisational Learning & Development and People Management take 11 months to complete.

Level 7

The Level 7 Advanced Diplomas in Strategic Learning & Development and People Management take 24 months to complete.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the CIPD?

To complete a CIPD qualification you must become a registered member. Membership comes with a whole host of exciting benefits, including access to the CIPD knowledge hub, a wealth of resources to support you in your work and studies. More information is available at their website here.

Can I study CIPD qualifications using government apprenticeship funding?

Yes, you can study for the CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management (only) using the government apprenticeship levy if your training provider chooses to sponsor your studies with us.

First you need to find an approved apprenticeship training provider to register with. The training provider will test your eligibility for the programme and if accepted, they will either offer you the qualification themselves (if they are also an approved CIPD centre of learning) or they will sponsor your study at an approved CIPD centre. It is in the case of the latter, that you may be invited to choose your own centre of learning, in which case, you may wish to choose Busec Nova. It is possible that your training provider may have an arrangement with a centre of their choosing, in which case it may be that you are obliged to study with their approved partner centre.

Can I access my government apprenticeship funding by myself?

No, you have to be accepted by an RoATP provider, you can find a list of government approved training providers on their website here - they will then access the levy on your behalf and use this to pay for your CIPD qualification.

What is the ILM?

Founded in 1947 The Institute of Leadership & Management is a professional membership body for leaders and managers. Its stated mission is to inspire great leadership - everywhere. 

Can I get an ILM Coaching and Mentoring Qualification?

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is at the cutting edge of leadership and management thinking and Busec Nova is proud to be an accredited training provider of both the Level 5 Certificate and Level 5 Diploma in Effective Coaching and Mentoring. Contact us now to find out when your next cohort is starting.

Professional Immersive Average Completion Time
Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring £1,382.72 (£1,659.26 incl. VAT) £1,659.36 (£1,991.23 incl. VAT) 4-6 Months.
Level 5 Diploma in Effective Coaching and Mentoring £3,283.96 (£4,356 incl. VAT) £3,940.98 (£5,227 incl. VAT) 10 Months.

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