Essential Plan

The Essential Plan is an affordable e-learning plan that allows you to work independently, online, on demand and at your own pace. We will never leave you stranded, our Student Care package gives you the help you need when you need it.

We all learn differently

We are approved by the CIPD to teach their qualifications. We have been supporting students through CIPD-accredited training since 2000, so we know that people learn in different ways. That is why we have developed three different learning plans to lead you to the qualification you want. We are here to help you find the route to learning that works for you.

Our three learning plans are: Essential, Professional and Immersive.

Who is this for?

The Essential Plan could be right for you if you are:

  • Familiar with e-learning and comfortable studying independently.
  • Happy to set your own timetable.
  • Keen to study when it suits you – whether that is early morning, late evenings or weekends.
  • Planning to study for Level 3 (Foundation Certificate) or Level 5 (Associate Diploma).
  • Looking for the most affordable learning option.
  • Ready to get started right away.

How does it work?

Everything you need to complete all the units of your chosen qualification is available online and on demand, 24/7, as soon as you sign up. You will log-in through our website to our e-learning platform where you will find a set pathway of enriched, online workbooks and a library of learning materials.

You can complete the work at your pace and fit studying around your other commitments, within the framework of your learning agreement. When you open a workbook, you will see the deadlines for submission. If you are looking to qualify as soon as possible, you do not have to wait for other classmates with the Essential Plan. You can move through the units as quickly as you wish.

What is included?

  • 24-hour access to learning materials and resources online.
  • Monthly support from our Student Care team.
  • Access to an online, monthly Q&A session with a subject specialist or programme manager who will answer questions submitted in advance.
  • Feedback turnaround times: We ask students to meet deadlines as set in the workbooks. In return we promise to deliver feedback within five days of receipt, at the latest, and deliver final provisional marks within 10 working days. 

New Year Sale

QualificationList PricePromotional Price for Pay By Instalments
10% discount on list price
Promotional Price for Paying in Advance
20% discount on list price
Foundation Certificate Essential Plan£2,048£1,843.20£1,638.40
Associate Diploma Essential Plan£2,723£2,450.70£2,178.40

All prices exclude VAT which will be added at the current rate.

The only additional cost you will need to pay is your student membership of the CIPD. This is paid directly to the CIPD, please click the following link for the current CIPD membership prices.


Students on the Essential Plan can choose to buy add-ons, if they need extra help, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

These are:

  • A one-to-one planning and feedback session with a subject specialist - £65 (45-minute session plus 15 minutes for feedback report).
  • A live webinar where one or more teachers present a subject through a PowerPoint presentation. There are also break-out rooms and group activities - £45. These webinars are a feature of our Professional Plan, but there is some availability for Essential Plan students to join them. Students on our Immersive Plan get all these add-ons as part of their method of study.

Buying add-ons can quickly make the affordable Essential Plan more expensive. We are here to provide the human touch and help you choose the learning plan that is best for you.

Student Care

You are never just a number to us.  

The care that we offer our students really sets us apart from the competition. 

It can be demoralising and frustrating if you feel that you are studying without the support you need. We want you to enjoy studying with us, so we offer two types of help through our Student Care:

  1. If you have technical challenges, questions about accessing material online, or need to talk about a change in circumstances that is affecting your studies, we have a Student Care Manager who you can turn to for help.
  2. If you have questions about the work itself, a programme manager or senior tutor runs a monthly Q&A session where any questions submitted in advance can be answered and discussed.

You will not have to struggle on your own or turn to Google or social media to try and hunt for answers. We are here for you. 

Our Student Care service is available to all our students on EssentialProfessional and Immersive Plans. 

It is particularly helpful to students who subscribe to our Essential Plan, which is accessed online and on demand.  

Students on the Professional Plan are already learning in an online classroom group and the Immersive Plan gives one-to-one personalised learning. But if you are on one of these plans and a problem arises, Student Care is here for you too. 

We are ready to help you take your next step

Get in touch via any of the options below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.