Essential Plan

Interactive, online learning, that you command, with real, ongoing tutorial support for you to access as you choose.

What is the Essential Plan?

At Busec Nova, we know that we all learn differently, so we created a plan that you command. The Essential Plan is perfect for people who want to work independently and at their own pace. Online and on-demand, students access learning through our enriched digital learning platform, supported by a team of experienced, qualified coaches delivering developmental feedback throughout the learning journey. With meetings-in-person available every month, you don’t have to take part in live, human interaction, but you might find it nice to do so, once in a while. 

Enquire here to find out how we can adapt our workbooks for specific learning needs.

Who is the Essential Plan for?

The Essential Plan could be right for you if you are:

  • Are keen to set your own start date, at a time that suits you
  • Enjoy studying independently
  • Prefer to be master of your own timetable and like to work when it suits you
  • Looking to fit in your studies around busy work and home commitments
  • Like the idea of having curated mixed-media learning options selected for you to choose from
  • Want to finish your Diploma or Certificate quickly

How does the Essential Plan work?

Everything you need to complete your chosen units for your qualification will be available to you 24/7. Through our platform you will be guided through the units with enriched online workbooks and a library of learning materials.

You will have access to a coach who will be supporting you through your qualification as well as a coach who supports you with feedback. At the beginning of your qualification you will create a student study plan with your advisor and this will help you achieve your learning goals and honour your learning agreement.

We are always on hand with reminders to keep you on track, however this plan is designed so that you can complete your work at your own pace, fitting your studies around your other commitments.

What is included in the Essential Plan?

  • 24-hour access to online learning materials and resources.
  • Support from our Student Care Team.
  • Access to monthly, online QA sessions with subject matter specialist.
  • Detailed feedback.

How much does the Essential Plan cost?

Excluding VAT
Foundation Certificate £2,282.96
Associate Diploma £2,622.48
Advanced Diploma £5,225.46

Essential Plan add-ons

On the Essential Plan, you can add on as you go. The add-ons available to your are:

  • One-to-one planning & feedback sessions with a subject matter specialist.
  • Access to live webinars run by one or more teachers.

To find out more about pricing for add-ons with The Essential Plan, please drop us a line at or call us on +44 (0) 1730 710055.

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