Professional Plan

The Professional Plan is for those looking to study in a way that comes as close to college as possible.

What is the Professional Plan?

The Professional Plan is for individuals who are looking to study in a group environment with other like minded students. The Professional Plan follows a timetabled approach with online tutor-led workshops. Always supported by our student care team, you will know exactly what and when you will be studying.

Who is this for?

The Professional Plan is likely to suit you if you are:

  • Looking for a structured 'classroom' approach to studying with a set timetable.
  • Keen to study with a group.
  • Comfortable with online workshops, supplemented by independent study, as a way of learning.
  • Happy to wait a short while, if necessary, for the next cohort to launch.
  • An organisation looking to put a small group of learners through a CIPD qualification at the same time. A discount would apply to group bookings.

How does it work?

New cohorts launch every 2 months. During your enrolment you will receive a timetable of online workshops with submission deadlines. You will also have access to the recordings of these webinars, and copies of the PowerPoints included in them, afterwards and in the case of being unable to attend.

You will also be able to access workbooks and a library of learning materials online. You can have unlimited access to these 24 hours a day for any background reading and work.

Our Student Care team is always available to provide support and help.

What is included?

  • Live webinars and access to recordings of them afterwards.
  • Further learning materials online.
  • Online and telephone support through Student Care.
  • Feedback turnaround times: We ask students to meet deadlines as set in the timetable. In return, we promise to deliver planning feedback within five days of receipt and deliver final, provisional marks within 10 working days. When works comes in on deadline, students regularly receive feedback within 24 hours.

How much does it cost?

Excluding VAT
Foundation Certificate£2,710.29
Associate Diploma£3,076.73
Advanced Diploma£6,147.61
The only additional cost you will need to pay is your student membership of the CIPD. This is paid directly to the CIPD, please click the following link for the current CIPD membership prices.

Student Care

You are never just a number to us.

The care that we offer our students really sets us apart from the competition.

It can be demoralising and frustrating if you feel that you are studying without the support you need. We want you to enjoy studying with us, so we offer two types of help through our Student Care:

  • If you have technical challenges, questions about accessing material online, or need to talk about a change in circumstances that is affecting your studies, we have a Student Care Team and your personal Student Success Adviser who you can turn to for help.
  • If you have questions about the work itself, a Programme Manager will be available to support you via email or an arranged call.

Our Student Care service is available to all our students on EssentialProfessional and Immersive Plans.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in any of the courses or qualifications we deliver at Busec Nova, simply get in touch and a member of our team will reach to discuss your exact requirements and study needs.