Company Training

Get EXACTLY the training your teams need at a time that suits you

Your business is unique - so your training needs are going to be unique too.

We would love to welcome any of your staff members on to our CIPD study plans, but maybe you need more?

Training and developing your staff is an investment that can reap huge rewards and give you a real competitive advantage.

Contact us if you want to look at subjects such as: change management, leadership, performance management, developing teams, managing flexible working, mental health first aid, resolving conflict and more.

You will get the services of a dedicated project manager who will listen to the needs of your business and design a course that fits around your working practices. We can organise short courses that last between one and three days or something that runs over a longer period.

Benefits of in-house training?

  • In-house training can be a cost-effective way of upskilling your people.
  • By learning together, your staff members will get to know each other better. It will promote a better understanding of each other’s roles and morale can be improved.
  • You can choose the place, the time and the method of learning to suit the demands of your business.

Benefits of company training with Busec Nova

  • We can come to you and deliver face-to-face training or set up an online programme, which is ideal if you have people working from different locations.
  • We have decades of experience as CIPD accredited tutors delivering training for all aspects of people management and learning and development.
  • We will find out about your business and we will create learning scenarios that are specific to the challenges your people are facing.
  • As an approved CIPD centre we benefit from their continual research into the changing world of work and latest good practice. Our workplaces have changed drastically since the start of 2020 and we can help you address the challenges of new ways of working and managing people.

Case study

In 2017 and 2020, we worked with the charity Action for Carers. We designed a programme of general management training covering areas such as leadership; employee engagement; coaching and mentoring; performance management and managing flexible working. There were six days of training in total over a period of two months and the course was pitched at middle management.

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