Kerry Forster
ILM Programme Manager, Coaching and Mentoring Specialist

I’m an experienced HR practitioner and consultant and I’ve worked across a broad range of business sectors.

I get the most satisfaction out of supporting people through tough, often personally challenging, experiences to achieve personal growth, increased capability and confidence and ultimately to contribute towards achieving long-term goals and objectives. My favourite quote is: “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”

My particular expertise is in designing, delivering, assessing, evaluating and verifying training and development programmes within the professional development / qualifications arena.

When I’m not working, I enjoy walking with my friends and family, often including a stop-off at a local hostelry to sample their food and drink!

I regularly play tennis and I’m a committee member at my local club. This gives me a chance to improve my tennis and fitness while opening up more opportunities for social activities with the lovely club members. I enjoy films of all genres. My favourite film types are comedy, fantasy and those that are generally uplifting. I share this love of cinema with my children, which gives me the added benefit of spending quality time with them on a regular basis. Of course I need to limit the amount of popcorn consumed on these occasions to make sure I don’t undo all the good I do with the walking and tennis!