Martine Prudente
Systems and Communications Manager

I’m very often the first person you’ll talk to, via email or phone, if you come to us to discuss your development or your employees’ development.

It’s important to me to identify what people need to learn and how best they learn it. I love talking to people, understanding what they want, and finally seeing them successfully finish their journeys.

I also work on ways to help Busec to grow. That can involve everything from providing software solutions to fixing IT hardware problems to planning a social media strategy!

My background is diverse in terms of sectors: law, media (newspapers) and construction. I’ve always worked in customer-facing roles, mostly in sales, and then took a natural side step into marketing.

Since working with Busec Nova, I’ve become a bit of a qualification ‘collector’. I’m CIPD qualified, have a vocational assessor AQA qualification, a clutch of OU modules under my belt and I’m studying for a CIM Diploma in Marketing.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with all the important people in my life particularly being with any of my four grandchildren and seeing the world through their eyes.

I’m also a trustee for a local autism charity and I’ve rediscovered a love of cooking, mainly thanks to a food processor which makes everything so much easier to do!