Paul Hickman
Strategic Planning Manager

I provide senior management team support, helping Busec Nova to grow into the company it wishes to become.

Through building up an understanding of the objectives of Busec Nova I provide relevant advice and strategies on how to market the services in as cost-effective a way as possible for the business.

I also help with planning the marketing of the business via the website and other online channels, whilst ensuring this is co-ordinated with any other marketing and sales efforts within the business.

I am involved with supporting the use and streamlining of existing business processes and software to aid with the growth of the business, using currently technologies and investigating other potential solutions.

By reviewing the statistics provided from the use of the website, social media accounts and other sources and I suggest and implement new tactics to improve the SEO of the site and the Google rankings for relevant search phrases.

Working with other team members I help ensure that the usability of the website is constantly being refined and improved to make sure it is the best possible experience for both potential and existing students.

I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the lives of students, tutors and other team members of Busec Nova wherever possible, through new processes, software, services etc.