Reka Grabler
Business Development Manager

My role at Busec Nova is to help the management team, providing business analytics to help us deliver a business model which keeps individual students and their progress at the heart of our culture and values. This means I spend a lot of time with spreadsheets and data. Fortunately, I love a good spreadsheet!

My background is economics. I specialised in the hotel, catering and event management industry from where I moved into finance and management accounting. I worked for six years in an exciting stem cell research company before taking a very long break from employment where I enjoyed family life as well as doing some freelancing.

I love to see businesses growing and helping them on their way with supportive and meaningful reports and feedback, investigating financial results and building forecasts based on these results which will help the businesses to their next steps.

Most of my time outside work is spent on girly time with my daughter. I also have two loving and overexcited dogs who make me smile no matter what, even when they ruin the extra-mega-ultra-rare-unpronounceable-name succulents in my garden, which it took me months to find at the back of a random, remote garden centre. At this point I would usually go scuba-diving to calm down.