Which CIPD study plan?

Progress your career as an HR or L&D professional by achieving a CIPD qualification.

Online Learning 24/7

CIPD Qualifications through Online Learning. Accessible and affordable, catering to diverse learner preferences and style with the option to fully engage with our course leader as you choose. Acquire your CIPD qualification through our digital platform to complete your assignments at your own pace, 24/7 from any location. Course materials including factsheets, videos, podcasts and infographics, curated by experienced CIPD coaches offer an enriched learning experience on our Essential Plan.

Small-Group Live Workshops

For many students building careers in HR & L&D, study plans offering timetables and deadlines make for a smoother learning journey. At Busec Nova our experienced tutors have been supporting students to become CIPD-qualified since 1989. We launched senior tutor-led, live small-group workshops in 2019 and are really happy with the results. With a completion rate of over 99%, this program has proved invaluable to students who seek structure, with the option for deadlines and enjoy a group effort.

Personal Coaching Live Online

CIPD qualifications by Immersive learning. In the understanding that no two people need the same kind of learning support, we have designed this programme based on 30 years’ experience and reflection on individual student’s learning journeys. Offering a flexible approach to curriculum cover combined with one-to-one coaching, this is our flagship program that has helped hundreds of students achieve CIPD qualifications over the past 30 years.